How To Install The SportsDevil Kodi Add-On To Unlock The Best Sporting Content

Sports fans are often the last to move from cable to streaming because cable tends to be very convenient for tuning into your favorite live sporting events. Sports aren’t just something that you “can” access via streaming, though; you can get access to even more sporting content for free if you are using a Kodi add-on like SportsDevil.

Warning! It is ambiguous whether it is legal to access sporting content in the way described in this article. Use a VPN!

Kodi is a media management software that also allows you to install add-ons that give you access to content streams from around the internet. SportsDevil is one such add-on, which specializes in giving you access to streams of live sporting events – both big national and international events and local and college games – plus access to replays, highlights, and even pay-per-view events without paying.

In this article, we will explain exactly what SportsDevil is and how it works, and share a step-by-step guide for how to install this add-on within Kodi. We’ll also share some tips for navigating the SportsDevil add-on once it’s installed. 

While SportsDevil is our top recommended add-on for watching live sports via Kodi, we will also share a list of other excellent sports add-ons for Kodi if you want to explore your options.

What Is SportsDevil?

What Is SportsDevil?

SportsDevil is an add-on that you can install within Kodi that allows you to watch live sporting events for free. The range of sporting events available is among the widest within Kodi. Find American football, real football (yep, soccer), ice hockey, basketball, tennis, motorsports, darts, rugby, golf, and of course all the latest fight content including boxing and UFC.

You will find live sporting events, pay-per-view events, and also replays of some of the most popular sporting events. For example, you are likely to encounter channels that show only replays of the major UFC fights, 24 hours a day.

It isn’t just the big national and international sporting events that are covered, either. You will find a large selection of local and college sports.

The quality of the streams available depends on the quality of the original stream. While you may find the occasional 4K stream, there will also be some content that is only available in 480p.

Is SportsDevil Legal?

While the specific legality of using SportsDevil depends on where you live, in most cases you are in a legal gray area.

Like all Kodi add-ons, SportsDevil works by scraping the internet for existing streams of desirable content, and then piggybacking on those streams and making them available to you. This is not technically a copyright violation because nothing is downloaded at any point, but sharing the content without a license and accessing the content without paying for it is certainly outside the spirit of the law.

You are very unlikely to be prosecuted for accessing the content in this way, at least with the way the laws are currently written. The biggest problem is that the add-on could be blocked or taken down at any time and you lose your access.

Nevertheless, to give yourself complete protection when streaming in this way, make sure you are using a VPN to mask your activity from any prying eyes.

Find our guide to the best VPNs to use with Kodi here.

How To Install The SportsDevil Kodi Add-On

To install the SportsDevil add-on to start streaming your favorite sports, you first need Kodi since it is an add-on to be used within that system.

Kodi is a media management software that can be legally downloaded onto any device. You can use Kodi to manage your own media library or to pull in content from elsewhere using add-ons. There are many officially approved Kodi add-ons that do things like give you the weather on your big screen or pull in the latest news headlines, but there are also third-party add-ons, like SportsDevil, that scrape the internet for content.

If you need to install Kodi on your device, follow the How To Set Up Kodi The Right Way: Complete Beginner’s Guide to get started, and then come back here for more information on installing SportsDevil. The process is a bit different if you are using an Android TV device or a Fire TV device, so if you are using a Fire Stick or other Fire TV device, follow How To Install Kodi On Fire Stick And Start Watching.

If you already have Kodi, you can jump straight into installing SportsDevil using the below steps.

  • Start by launching Kodi

If this is your first time installing a third-party add-on within Kodi, you will need to enable that functionality the same way you enable your Android device to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

  • Navigate to the System Settings menu
  • Hover over the Add-Ons menu until you see an option to allow unknown sources
  • Toggle it on

Once this is enabled, you will be able to install the add-on.

  • Navigate to the File Manager
  • Choose the option to Add Source
  • Click None
  • Add the URL as the source and click OK
  • Highlight the box under the new source that you have added and give it a sensible name
  • Return to the Kodi home screen
  • Go to the Add-Ons menu
  • Go to the small open box icon on the top left which will enable you to Install Kodi Add-On
  • Choose to install from zip file
  • Choose the source that you just created
  • Click and wait for it to download
  • When the menu pops up, choose Install From Repository
  • Choose Loop Repository again
  • Choose Video Add-Ons
  • Clock SportsDevil
  • Choose to Install
  • Wait while Kodi does its magic

After you’re done, navigate to the SportsDevil add-on within the standard Kodi menu and start watching.

Navigating SportsDevil

Navigating SportsDevil

Once you open the SportsDevil add-on, you will need to learn how to navigate it to find the content that you are looking for.

When you open the add-on, you will find the following menu categories, most of which are pretty self-explanatory.

Live Sports – Find streams of matches that are currently being played and broadcast live.

Favorites – When you find channels you like, bookmark them as favorites to find them here.

Highlights – This shares curated snippets of the most memorable moments from recent sporting events.

Sports TV – These are sports news and replay channels.

Live TV – This offers a selection of sporting channels to tune into live such as ESPN and Combat, but not necessarily live sports depending on what they’re playing at the time.

Since SportsDevil doesn’t offer an option for browsing by sport, it can sometimes feel like a bit of a scroll-fest to find what you are looking for. Make good use of the Favorites option to make it easy to navigate to the channels that show the sports you watch the most.

Also, don’t immediately panic if you can’t see the game you are waiting for lined up in the Live Sports section. Streams will only appear there once the coverage has actually started since before then there is technically no stream. Just be patient and enter a few minutes after the live coverage of the match was scheduled to start.

Alternative Kodi Sports Add-Ons

While SportsDevil is probably the best of the best when it comes to the sports streaming add-ons that you can use within Kodi, you do have other options. Below is a list of our other top picks.

Mad Titan Sports

While this is one of the newer sports add-ons within Kodi, it is quickly becoming popular because of the range of sports available and how easy it is to navigate to find that match you are dying to watch. It is particularly strong in American sports such as American football, basketball, and hockey, but you will also find lots of international football, fights, and all the latest pay-per-view events.

It is part of the Magnetic repository which can be found at:


SportHD does what it says on the tin and gives you access to lots of sports streams in the best quality possible (which depends on the quality of the original stream). You will find lots of MMA, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and random obscure sports for superfans.

You can find SportHD in the Bugatsinho repository at:

The Crew

The Crew is not just sports; it has all the latest movies and TV shows, but the range of sports that are available within the add-on is also impressive. You get all the live sports channels with NFL, NBL, and other major matches, plus local and college sporting channels. You will also find streams of the latest pay-per-view events, so you never miss a big fight. Plus, if you do feel like taking a break and watching a film or a few episodes of the latest popular TV show, those are already there for you.

You can find the repository at:

Apex Sports

This add-on is popular with sports fans because, in addition to live streams, you will find plenty of replays, condensed highlights, and tools for accessing things such as stats. This will satisfy sports fans who want the latest sporting information beaming into their living room 24 hours a day.

You can find the repository for this add-on at:


How do you install SportsDevil on Kodi on a Fire TV stick?

If you want to install SportsDevil on Kodi on your Fire TV stick, the process for installing the add-on itself is the same, as long as you already have Kodi installed. However, the process for installing Kodi itself on the Fire Stick is different since Kodi is not available in the Amazon Appstore. Therefore, to install Kodi you will need to “jailbreak” your Fire Stick and sideload the app. You can read our step-by-step guide for that process here.

Does SportsDevil still work?

Add-ons need to be updated regularly to work properly within Kodi. This means that the versions of add-ons that you find in certain repositories can become out of date, and they just won’t work when you install them. At the time of writing, the repository for SportsDevil that we have recommended is working; however, if it’s not working for you, head to the very active community sites for Kodi and search there for the latest version of SportsDevil that is currently functioning.

Can I watch live sports with SportsDevil?

Yes, you can watch live sports with SportsDevil. You will find a list of all the current live streams of sporting events under the “Live Sports” option in the SportsDevil menu. These will only appear once the stream has actually started, though, so you can’t check what will be available in advance. You can also navigate a wide selection of sporting TV channels, such as ESPN, the NFL Network, and Combat, and watch their live coverage directly via the channel.

Get Your Sporting Fix!

If you love sports but are also determined to get rid of your cable subscription, you have options when it comes to watching your beloved sporting contests.

The most affordable and comprehensive option is to download and install Kodi onto your streaming device, and then install a good quality sports add-on such as SportsDevil.

These add-ons scrape the internet for all available sports streams, so they can give you live coverage of sporting events, access to dedicated sports TV channels, and even access to pay-per-view events.

The best part about all of this? You don’t have to pay anything. Kodi and its add-ons are free; however, watching sports in this way is legally dubious, so don’t forget to protect yourself and use a VPN whenever you are using Kodi.

Find our recommendations for the best VPN services for Kodi here.

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