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Why Android?

Why Android?Here, we talk about Android TV options because we believe it is both the most affordable and most flexible option when it comes to smartifying your TV and streaming the best content.

This is because Android is an open operating system; it is the same system that works on Android smartphones.

This means, firstly, that you can customize your Android TV system to work the way you want it to. You aren’t tied down to using proprietary programs or interfaces like you are when you choose to use, for example, iOS products.

Secondly, unlike with a proprietary system, such as iOS where you will have to buy a streaming device made by Apple, a huge range of manufacturers use the Android operating system.

That means you have more options. You might be able to find a very affordable TV box for less than $30 or a high-end box with sophisticated gaming options. The point is you aren’t limited.

So, you won’t find much talk on here about iOS, Samsung, Sony, or other proprietary streaming devices, except when we discuss them in comparison with Android.

Our Team

Callan Clemons, is the creator of Androidpcreview.com. He has purchased his own android tv box in 2013 and discovered the interesting and challenging world of android tv boxes. And then, built this website, androidpcreview.com. He is sharing his experiences with you. As the time passed, he created his own team to keep you posted with most updated information. Our team is a diverse group with one thing in common – we love good streaming and good tech! Our contributors include professional writers, expert reviewers, reporters, and developers.

Where To Start?

Not sure where to start?

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