Wednesday , 30 July 2014
  • Ugoos UM2 Review

    Ugoos UM2 Review

    Every now and then life gives you a pleasant surprise. Maybe it’s an extra candy bar from the vending machine, or making every green light on the way to work. The team at Ugoos brightened up my ...

  • Best Streaming Media Players 2014

    Best Streaming Media Players 2014

    Here we are, halfway through 2014 and its time for our Best-of-the-Best awards. The home entertainment has grown up a lot in the past year, and so have we. Its not enough to have a pocket sized Androi...

  • WD TV Review

    WD TV Review

    Admit it…Western Digital probably isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you think of streaming media players. Hard drives? Sure. But what does a hard drive company know about set to...

  • Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard

    Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard

    Wireless keyboard have been around for years. For desktop computers, I’ve honestly never seen much of a point other than to clean up the look of your desk. Moving from a wired mouse to a wireles...

  • ASUS Chromebox

    ASUS Chromebox

    If you’re at all familiar with this site, you know we’re big fans of Google’s two operating systems: Android and Chrome. Android was designed as a mobile platform, first appearing on smartphones then ...

  • Amazon Fire TV

    Amazon Fire TV

    If you’ve been to recently, you already know about the Amazon Fire TV – Amazon’s answer to the set-to streaming media box market. The entire front page of the online store was e...

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