Do you love Android TV boxes? Here’s How to Write for Us

Do you live and breathe Android devices?

Do you know your way around Kodi or the Chrome OS and want to teach others how to as well?

Do you think streaming TV boxes are the next big thing for media?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any those questions, then read on. is looking for a feature writer to provide content for the blog on a weekly basis (1 article per week).

Our blog focuses on three main topics:

  • Android TV boxes
  • Chrome OS computers
  • Kodi and Plex media servers

Posts need to be of high quality, informational and designed to help the beginning to intermediate user get the most out of their devices. Posts should be “how-to”, “tips and tricks”, or ‘understanding technology” based.

Our email address is

If you are writing a tutorial, screenshots are “a must”.

Apply to Write for Us

To apply, please fill out the following writing application:

  • Your name
  • What relevant technology do you own or use on a daily basis?
  • At least one sample of technology writing
  • One sample of a tutorial or “how-to” article
  • Any suggested topics or posts you’d like to write about
  • Any other relevant information

The payment for the article will be negotiated, but will include three parts:

  • Flat fee per post
  • An author’s bio and link to any social media or blog you may have
  • Performance bonus based on unique page views and inbound links

Bonus Points

Here are some ways to get bonus points with our editors:

  • Link back to another of our articles. This not only shows that you read our site, but it also helps with the overall flow of the site.
  • When you use outside sources, please make them good ones. For example, if you have the option of two sources, please pick the more reputable source. It only helps your credibility and ours.

Good luck!

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