Turewell T95 Super Affordable TV Box Review

You can get your hands on the Turewell T95 Super TV Box for less than $30. Considering that top-end TV boxes like the NVIDIA Shield cost $200 and the next cheapest TV boxes are around the $50 mark, you would be forgiven for wondering what you can actually expect from a $30 box.

And you would be right to ask.

Turewell has set out to make a cheap and cheerful Android TV box that is the most affordable way to start streaming your favorite content onto your TV. But it doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles we usually talk about when discussing the best TV boxes.

However, if you have a basic TV set up – no 4K and no expectations around voice control and smart home system control – then the Turewell T95 might work just as well for you as a basic box that costs twice as much.

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Turewell T95 Super TV Box

The best way to describe this box is “basic.” It will allow you to stream content directly from the internet to your TV screen with an easy-to-use interface.

Our Rating

Our Rating

We are going to award the Turewell T95 Super TV Box 2 stars out of 5.

Out of 5



But, despite the marketing that says this box can deliver 4K, don’t expect to be watching Netflix at home in 4K on this device. That is why this device is only suitable if you have a basic home TV set up, which you didn’t invest in hoping to watch all your favorite programs in 4K.

There is also no voice control and no integration with smart home systems. So, if your friends are telling you how much they love their Android TV box and talk about these features, be aware that they do not come with budget models like the Turewell T95.

However, the Turewell is probably the cheapest way that you can turn an old non-4K entertainment system into a smart TV system.

ProcessorAllwinner H3 Quad-Core
GPUMali 400 MP2
Operating SystemAndroid 10.0
Memory2 GB RAM & 16 GB ROM
USB2 USB 2.0
OutputTF Card slot up to 32GB
H.265 Decoding
RemoteStandard Google Remote


The specs on this Android TV box aren’t bad. You get a quad-core CPU, an MP2 Mali GPU, and the latest Android 10.0 operating system. This is what you would expect from most mid-range Android TV boxes today.

Nevertheless, this box is significantly less powerful than a box that might cost you $50. You only have 2 GB of RAM for operating, which will be just enough for basic streaming using H.265 decoding. But you can expect delays as you need to push all of your content over Wi-Fi, as there is no ethernet connection that lets you connect directly to your router for the best speeds.

There is also not a great deal of storage space if you want to put any of your own content on there to view. It only comes with 16 GB of storage, and a TF card slot that will allow up to another 32 GB. That is plenty if you are accessing most of your content via streaming services, but not if you have your own downloaded content you want to watch.

But you may also feel a bit underwhelmed by this box when it comes to streaming.

While the advertising says that it delivers full 4K picture quality, you won’t be able to watch streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video in 4K. This is because these streaming services only authorize a limited number of devices to access their 4K content. Boxes from small companies, like Turewell, don’t make the list.

To access these streaming services in 4K, you need a device from one of the big manufacturers, such as Samsung, Sony, or Fire TV.

You can read more about how Netflix allows access to their 4K content here.

If you are watching your own content, which you do have access to in 4K, you might be disappointed by the audio quality, as the Turewell box doesn’t feature any of the latest Dolby Digital sound technology. So, if you have invested a lot in your home sound system, it will go to waste.

Finally, the Turewell doesn’t have any of the “nice-to-have” features we associate with a lot of TV boxes.

This starts with the remote control. It comes with a standard Google remote control, one which features an air-mouse, and this can make navigating the on-screen keyboard much easier, but there is no voice control.

As an extension of this, it does not integrate with any of the smart home systems, including Google Assistant. So, you can’t ask your smart speaker to start loading up the latest episode of your favorite show when you walk in the door after a long day in the office.


  • Allwinner quad-core
  • Android 10.0 operating system
  • Air-mouse control


  • Low capacity running bandwidth
  • Minimal storage
  • Does not access major streaming services in 4K
  • No Dolby Digital sound features
  • No voice control
  • No smart home integrations



If you are looking for an Android TV box to sit at the center of a sophisticated home set up with 4K TV, good-quality speakers, and smart speaker control, this option from Turewell is not the choice for you.

It won’t access most of the content that streamers are looking for in 4K. It doesn’t deliver high-end sound quality. There is no voice control and no way to integrate with smart home systems.

But this is true of most Android TV boxes under $100. So, if you are looking for an affordable box to power a non-4K system, the Turewell may still be on your list.

It is less powerful than the basic boxes you get for twice the price. For example, compare it to the Magicsee Android 9.0 TV box, which you can get for just $50. It has twice the RAM and twice the ROM, plus an ethernet internet connection for the smoothest streaming.

But if all you really want to do is stream Netflix in standard HD, you don’t need this extra power. The Turewell will do the trick.

If you are looking for 4K streaming on a budget, we recommend that you look at the Fire Stick 4K. It costs just $50, but delivers Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in full 4K, Dolby Digital sound, has the fancy voice remote, and integrates with the Amazon Alexa smart home system.

There are certainly downsides to the Fire Stick, and you can read about them in our complete review. But if you are looking for 4K streaming on a budget, you won’t find a more affordable option.


What Channels Come With A Turewell Android TV Box?

When you get any Android TV box, it does not come with channels included. Just like your Android Smartphone, you will need to download the apps that you need to access the content that you are interested in. You will be able to access free services such as YouTube and also paid-for services such as Netflix. But you will need to subscribe to premium paid services in order to access them through the box. If you are looking for applications that allow you to access a lot of content free or for a very low price, you should look into Kodi for “fully loaded” TV boxes.

Does Android TV Use A Lot Of Data?

How much data your Android TV box needs depends on what you are streaming. A standard 720P movie will use between 0.7 and 2 GB, while watching the same movie in 4K might use 10 GB. It is recommended that you need at least 3 Mbps to stream content in standard definition, and 5 Mbps to stream in HD. If you want to stream in 4K, you will need to upgrade that to 15 Mbps.

The Verdict

The Turewell T95 Android TV box is one of the cheapest on the market, so you have to imagine that it will not have any of the features of a box that costs twice as much.

However, if all you are looking for is a basic box that does basic (non-4K) streaming, this Android TV box delivers on a budget.

It should be clear that this box doesn’t belong at the center of a high-end entertainment system. But it is the most affordable way to just start with some basic streaming today.

Have you used the Turewell T95 SuperTV Box? Share your experience with the community in the comments section below.

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