How To Install And Use Kodi Exodus Redux

When you decide to start streaming, it’s never long before someone tells you about Kodi and how you can use the media management application to get access to all the best entertainment content for free. Kodi is essentially empty when you originally install it, so if you expected it to come fully loaded you will be disappointed. If you are looking for a large media library of free content, you will also need to install a third-party add-on such as Kodi Exodus Redux to the Kodi app.

Add-ons like Exodus Redux are designed to work within Kodi and scrape the internet to find existing streams of content and deliver them to your device. These can be the latest movies that have only recently been released in cinemas or premium content from major paid streaming services. This is all free since Kodi is free open-source software and the add-ons are also free to install.

Sounds too good to be true?

It is, to an extent. While Kodi is a completely legal and legitimate piece of software, these third-party add-ons are often not legal. While you are unlikely to ever get in trouble for using one, you do need to decide whether this approach to streaming is right for you. You should also always protect yourself with a VPN when streaming in this way.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what exactly Exodus Redux is and how it works to deliver its extensive content library. We will also take you through, step-by-step, how to install Exodus Redux and how to use it once it is installed. We will also share some alternatives to Exodus Redux that work the same way.

What Is Kodi Exodus Redux?

What Is Kodi Exodus Redux?

Exodus Redux is a Kodi add-on designed for users who want to be able to stream anything and everything free via Kodi. It does this by scraping the internet for streams of video and then redirecting these streams to your device for your viewing pleasure, all at no cost.

This means the latest movies that have only been out in cinemas for a few weeks, original content from premium streaming services, live TV channels, pay-per-view sporting events, and more.

How can that be legal? Well, it isn’t. Add-ons like this get around the question of copyright infringement because nothing is technically downloaded, so it’s difficult to pin down this sort of behavior under a specific law. The add-on does not have a license to share this content with you, though, and you aren’t paying for it, so it’s not strictly legal.

If you get your content this way, as many thousands of people are by using these popular Kodi add-ons, make sure you cover yourself by using a VPN. This masks your activity from everyone, including both your ISP provider and the providers of the add-ons, and encrypts and protects your data from anyone who might be watching.

Find our recommendations for the best VPN services to use with Kodi here.

You should also be very careful when downloading Exodus to your Kodi device. Because of its legal ambiguity, it has two major problems. 

First, it often gets taken down from where it’s hosted so someone (like us) might recommend a link to find the repo, and it might not be available there anymore. Since Kodi (and Exodus) have a big fan base, though, it’s not hard to go to a Kodi community site and find the latest working links.

Second, some of the sites that host the repository download aren’t well maintained or completely ethical, so you can be at risk of downloading viruses, malware, and other things that you don’t want on your device. Your VPN will offer some protection, but also ensure that you are using antivirus protection on your device (including Android TV boxes).

How To Install Kodi Exodus Redux

If you want to install Exodus on your streaming device, you need to have Kodi since Exodus is an add-on instead of a stand-alone app.

Kodi is a piece of open-source media management software that is completely legal to download and use. You can use it to manage your own personal media library by pointing Kodi at your own server, or you can use it to manage online media. Many add-ons are made for this purpose. There are plenty of legal add-ons such as weather add-ons to give you the latest forecast, news add-ons to pull in the most important headlines, and live TV add-ons to bring in free live TV channels.

There are also other third-party add-ons that work the same way Exodus does, scraping the internet for content which it can then feed to you. There are specialist add-ons, like SportsDevil, which specifically finds and organizes sports-related streams, and then there are more general add-ons like Exodus, which has a bit of everything.

If you don’t already have Kodi installed on your Android TV box, you will need to do that first. You can download Kodi directly from the Google Play Store and then follow How To Set Up Kodi The Right Way: Complete Beginner’s Guide to get all the configurations right. If you want to use Kodi on Fire Stick, the process is a little different since Kodi is not available via the Amazon Appstore. You can follow our instructions to jailbreak your Fire Stick and install Kodi at How To Install Kodi On Fire Stick And Start Watching.

Once Kodi is installed on your device, here is how you can install the Exodus add-on.

If this is your first time installing a third-party add-on within Kodi, you will need to enable that functionality the same way you enable your Android devices to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

  • Navigate to the System Settings menu by choosing the gear icon in the main menu and then the gear with screwdriver icon in the system menu.
  • Select the Add-Ons menu on the left-hand side and you will see an option to toggle to allow unknown sources. If it is not already on, switch it on. A pop-up warning will probably appear, but you can choose to proceed as long as you are properly protected with a VPN and anti-malware.

Once this is enabled, you are ready to install the Exodus add-on.

  • Navigate to the File Manager in the systems menu
  • Choose the option to Add Source
  • Go to the address bar where it says <None> and type in the URL and click OK
  • Highlight the box under the new source that you have added and give it a sensible name
  • Return to the Kodi home screen
  • Go to the Add-Ons menu on the left-hand side
  • Go to the small open box icon on the top left which will enable you to Install Kodi Add-On
  • Choose to install from zip file which should show you the source you have just installed
  • Choose your source, then choose ZIPS, and then
  • Once you have done this you should see a pop up telling you that the add-on has been installed
  • Return one level in the Add-ons menu and choose to Install From Repository
  • Now choose the Kodi Bae Repository and click OK
  • From here scroll down to Video Add-ons and hit OK again
  • Within this menu you will find Exodus, which you can then choose and install
  • Wait until you see the pop up Exodus Add-on Installed

You can now return to the Kodi home screen, where the Exodus icon should be available for you to use the add-on.

Navigating Exodus Redux

Navigating Exodus Redux

Once you have installed Exodus Redux, you will need to navigate around the add-on to find the content you’re looking for. Exodus Redux is great, in that you have a lot of different ways to find content, but can also be frustrating because there are so many different ways to find what you are looking for.

When you open the add-on, you will see a big image screen but then there is a scroll of menu items along the bottom. There are lots of categories, including movies, TV shows, HD box (so just HD content), Netflix shows, news TV shows, most popular, and so forth. You can choose one of these to enter a sub-menu.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can also access the Super Search from this main menu, which lets you search everything available. This is a great feature, but you need to be more specific with your search terms as it hasn’t already been filtered.

If you choose to go into a different menu item, you will find lots of tiles with various movie or TV options that are popular. You can click on one of these to start watching if you want, or you can go to the left-hand side to find menu options. There you can filter by things such as genre, most popular, recent, and so forth. There is also a search option there, and you can just type in your search term.

When you get the search results, you will have the option to click on the title, season, episode, and so forth if that is relevant. Once you are down to what you actually want to watch, there are usually a variety of streams to choose from. They are pretty much the same but come from different sources. Choose one, and if you aren’t happy with the picture quality or if it’s lagging, you can choose a different one.

Best Alternatives To Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is a revamped version of Exodus that was relaunched in 2022, and since then it has been the best Kodi add-on for TV and movies. It’s not the only good Kodi add-on for accessing this type of content, though. If you don’t want to use Exodus Redux for whatever reason, consider these alternatives.

Movie Theater Butter

Movie Theater Butter offers the same wide variety of content as Exodus Redux, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. There are specific options to search for just 4K streams, and you can also set up episodes of whatever show you are watching to autoplay without having to click back and forth.

Find the repository at

Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon is another add-on that feels like it has everything, and also lots of fun ways for finding new and unusual content such as people watching, new cams, episodes of the day, and more.

Find the repository at


Gaia is Mother Earth, and the idea is that you will find all the entertainment available on the planet via this add-on. It has one of the simpler user interfaces, which is one of the main complaints that many people have about Kodi add-ons. While you can search for pretty much anything and find it, browsing is a much less harrowing experience.

Find the repository at

Start Watching

If you want to use Kodi to scrape the internet for free access to streams of the latest entertainment content, the Exodus Redux add-on is probably the best add-on available right now for that purpose. This is changing all the time as add-ons update themselves and sometimes get taken down for copyright infringement, but Exodus Redux has been good for a while now and shows no signs of slowing down.

Follow our simple guide for installing Exodus Redux and start watching today.

Looking for legal alternatives? Check out our guide to the best legal streaming services for live TV and premium content.

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