Rockchip MK808B Android Mini-PC Stick

Rockchip MK808B Android Mini-PC First Look

MK808B Android Exterior
Exterior dimensions of the Rockchip MK808B Android PC

Tired of having everyone squished around a crowded home computer or laptop to play games on the internet, look up information or to watch the latest and greatest movies off the internet? Or maybe you already have your laptop hooked up to your HDTV but you are tired of constantly having to connect and disconnect your laptop from the television every time you need your laptop for work or travel. If you are then the new Rockchip MK808B Android Mini PC Smart TV Stick will be a fantastic addition to your digital life. And at under $50 it’s affordable enough to have one in every room!

The Rockchip MK808B makes it a breeze to use the internet and stream video to your TV! This Android Mini-PC player allows you to have a secure internet connection directly to your HDTV screen all the time! That means no more connecting and disconnecting your laptop every movie night. In addition to a constant and secure internet connection the MK808B allows you to play all your favorite Android games on your television. You can also surf the web, open, receive and send emails and Skype. You can do all this and more from the comfort of your own living room!

The Rockchip MK808B can be used in multiple languages which make this device perfect to be used in several different regions around the world. It also includes a built in Bluetooth adapter which makes for easy and fast connections with your Bluetooth keyboard, game controllers and headphones. In addition, the MK808B comes with a USB port so that you can easily operate the device with a wireless keyboard or air mouse.

Android mini-PC sticks like MK802 and MK808B have really revolutionized the way we combine our comfortable living room and wide viewing HDTV with the power of the internet. With the Rockchip MK808B, you can officially move your internet experience, permanently, into the living room!

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